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HOKA NAZ ELITE PREVIEW – There are plenty of great NYC previews floating around the running world this week so we’ll try and go a little more in-depth on the chances of our very own Stephanie Bruce and Kellyn Taylor. Steph and Kellyn are both in great shape and will be looking to put the finishing touches on what’s really been a great fall marathon season for us.

Speaking of our fall marathons, last week we told you that we chose the Frankfurt Marathon for Scott Fauble, Matt Llano and Scott Smith because the course was fast and the weather was predictable. Well the same cannot be said for New York City but, in a way, that’s exactly why we chose it. Steph and Kellyn have both already run under 2:30 for the marathon (Kellyn’s done it twice) so we didn’t feel a major need for a fast time, per se. More so, what we wanted was a chance to run against some of the world’s best on the sports biggest stage and see where we stacked up.

So read below for peeks into Steph and Kellyn’s individual build-ups as well as a brief look at the rest of the women’s field in NYC:

KELLYN TAYLOR – Kellyn is ready to roll. Back in the spring her London Marathon segment included some insane workouts, but also some hiccups, and the end result was a 13th place finish in 2:28:51. Not bad but not what she was looking for. This time around things have been much smoother. She’s hit every workout. She’s run more mileage than ever before…by a lot…and looked her strongest at the end of the build-up which is exactly what you want. What we’re trying to say is this is the best marathon shape she’s ever been in and that’s pretty scary when you consider her first three marathons were a 2:28, a 6th-place finish at the Olympic Trials and then another 2:28.


STEPHANIE BRUCE – Steph gave us a little hint of the breakthrough she was making in training earlier this year when, in a span of five days, she finished 22nd at the World Cross Country Championships and then set a big PR of 31:59 for 10,000 meters. But truthfully the training she did leading into those races pales in comparison to what she’s done during her NYC prep. Almost every big workout she did dwarfed any similar workout she’d done before. The highlight was a net uphill 16 miler at 7,000 feet that she ran at 5:49 pace just three weeks out from NYC. From our end, there’s no more “oh and she’s coming back from two pregnancies.” She’s not coming back…she’s back!!

C Tolle Run Podcast with Steph

OVERALL WOMEN’S RACE PREVIEW – You cannot properly start a preview of this field without acknowledging that there is an overwhelming, and deserving, favorite in the form of Kenya’s Mary Keitany. In April, Keitany ran 2:17:01 to win the Virgin London Marathon–the fastest women’s marathon ever in a women’s only race. And perhaps more important as it relates to Sunday, she’s won the last three New York City Marathons! So on paper this is her race to lose. But she’ll have a few athletes ready to pounce if she falters. One of those is countrywoman Edna Kiplagat, who at age 38, is still going strong. Kiplagat has already won the Boston Marathon and finished second at the World Championships in 2017. Now whether or not NYC will be one too many races in a calendar year remains to be seen. Then there’s the American Shalane Flanagan. She made her marathon debut here in 2010 when she finished second in 2:28:40. Since then, she’s had a decorated career at the distance but has yet to win a World Marathon Major. She’s hinted that she’d like to do that before she retires. Could this be the one? Other top contenders include Mamitu Daska, Mare Dibabe and Buzunesh Dibaba of Ethiopia as well as Diane Nukuri of Burundi (and Flagstaff) who recently received her U.S. citizenship but we don’t think, via IAAF rules, that she can technically represent her new country in International competition yet.

So where does that leave Steph and Kellyn? Well, American women have fared very well in NYC in recent history. In 2014, Desi Linden was fifth in 2:28:11. Laura Thweatt finished seventh in 2:28:23 in 2015. Last year Molly Huddle was third in 2:28:13. So it’s safe to say a 2:28 would produce a high finish. Shalane can certainly run that fast, or faster. Aliphine Tuliamuk, another top U.S. entrant, can probably run that fast. And we think Steph and Kellyn could as well. So could we see as many as four American women in the top 10? It’s possible.

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And you MUST WATCH this VIDEO TRIBUTE to the great Meb Keflezighi who’ll be running the 26th and final marathon of his storied career on Sunday.

FORECAST – According to Weather Underground, the forecast for 9:00am on Sunday morning calls for 59 degrees, a 48% chance of rain and winds of just 5mph. So all-in-all not bad!

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So there it is. Are you pumped?!! Make sure to watch on Sunday morning, cheer at your screens and send Steph and Kellyn some shout outs on social media. #gostephandkellyn TIME TO FLY!!!