Well, we officially launched our team on January 7th, 2014 so I guess you could say this week was our 3 month birthday! We’ve tried to keep you guys as involved as we could so far with our athlete training logs, blogs, workout videos and through our Facebook and Twitter pages. Hopefully, you’ve felt like you were along for the ride. At least that’s how we hope you feel because ultimately the success of our group depends on being able to create a fan base large enough that it will make us valuable to corporate sponsors. To us, the more access we give you guys to our group, the more you’ll cheer for us when we’re out on the roads, the track or the cross country course!

So here’s a quick recap of what we’ve done these first three months by the numbers:

50,000 – Dollars our athletes have won in prize money and bonuses
38,647- Times our workout videos have been viewed on Flotrack
31 – Times we’ve raced
20 – Different newspapers/websites our athletes have been featured in
16 – Events we’ve participated in
12 – PR’s! (Johnson- 3, Bruce- 3, Llano- 2, Rooney- 2, Van Alstine- 2)
11- Different U.S. Cities we’ve raced in
10 – Wins (Johnson- 4, Chipangama- 3, Van Alstine- 2, Bruce- 1)
6 – Top Five finishes at US Championships (Llano- 2, Van Alstine- 2, Bruce-1, Johnson- 1)
4- Foreign countries we’ve raced in
2- NAZ Elite athletes ranked in the top 5 by time in the half marathon in the US in 2014 (Johnson- 4th at 1:11:51 and Llano 5th at 1:01:47)
1- National Title (Van Alstine- USA Cross Country)
1- International Title (Johnson- NACAC XC)

Yes folks…that’s all in just three months! So thanks for following us and hopefully these next three months will be even better!!



2 thoughts on “So Far So Good- Our 3 Month Recap

  1. Brian Carter 4 years ago

    Happy 3 month Birthday to Northern Arizona Elite. Congratulations on all of the teams accomplishments in such a short period of time. St. Louis is fortunate to have had the opportunity to watch Jordan race here three times, Matt twice and Kellyn once this past weekend at the GO! St. Louis Half Marathon. I look forward to watching members of NAZ Elite race in future St. Louis road races and will continue to follow the team on the website.

    1. NAZ Elite 4 years ago

      Thanks Brian…and great seeing you this weekend!! – BEN