This blog post if for you! Stephanie Bruce is returning to the marathon on December 4 at the California International Marathon in Sacramento. She’ll run one of her biggest workouts next week and we want you to try it as well. The workout goes a little something like this: 3 miles at marathon pace, 6 x 1 mile (alternating pace), 3 more miles at marathon pace. Below, I’ll go over exactly how to properly execute it as well as how to modify the volume if necessary. Because remember- it’s not always what’s ideal. It’s what’s ideal for you.

Oh, and did I mention if you do this workout (and provide some fun visual evidence) you’ll be eligible to win a super cool prize pack with official HOKA NAZ Elite team gear, Oiselle apparel and Pro Compression socks?!! All you have to do is read below, try the workout for yourself and take a video or picture of yourself doing it. Then post the pic or video to either Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #PrepwithSteph and we’ll pick a random winner. Only caveat is you have to do the workout between now and November 27th (one week out from CIM).

Here goes:

Step 1) 3 MILES AT “MARATHON” EFFORT – Steph’s PR in the marathon is 2:29:35 so her pace for this is 5:42 per mile. BUT…we’re not all as fast as Steph! If your marathon PR (or goal time) is 3 hours or better I recommend doing this exactly at your marathon pace. If it’s over 3 hours then I suggest doing this at a per mile pace that you could race at for between 2hrs and 30 minutes to 3 hours. That will keep it relative for everyone.


Step 2) 6 x 1 MILE ALTERNATING PACE – We’d all like to run a marathon at a perfectly even pace but things don’t always work out like we hope. Wind, hills, turns, etc. can cause changes in pace during a race. So this is a great chance to practice for those changes. Take whatever pace you run your first 3 miler at and subtract five seconds. So for Steph this will be 5:37. That’s your starting point for the “slow” miles. Then subtract fifteen seconds from that and you have your starting point for your “fast” miles. From there here’s how we do it– we go slow mile, fast mile, slow mile, fast mile minus five seconds, slow mile, fast mile – ten seconds. So for Steph it would look like this– 5:37/5:22/5:37/5:17/5:37/5:12. Rest = 1 minutes after the “slow” miles and 2 minutes after the “fast” miles.


Step 3) 3 MORE MILES AT “MARATHON” EFFORT – This is what really makes this a marathon workout. After all that work you have to step back to the line and knock out another 3 miler at marathon pace on tired legs. It’s tough but incredibly satisfying afterward!


1) If you don’t feel ready for 12 total miles of hard work in one session then I recommend changing this to 2 miles/ 4 x 1 mile/ 2 miles. Same exact paces just less volume.

2) If you live at altitude (like we do) you’ll want to adjust your paces accordingly based on elevation.

So there you have it. The TMT (Tempo/Miles/Tempo) workout!! Have fun, good luck and don’t forget to share your pics and videos using #PrepwithSteph


Video of Steph doing the workout!!



2 thoughts on “Prep with Steph!

  1. Katie Fisher 1 year ago

    Hey all! I keep checking back here to see if a winner has been announced (and seeing if there will be a full race recap lol!) and wonder if it’s been posted somewhere else and I somehow missed it. Can you quel this mamas mind so I have one less thing to lay awake wondering about after middle of the night time with the kiddos? Haha thanks in advance! Absolutely love you guys and all the positivity you send out into the running community and world at large!

    1. NAZ Elite 1 year ago

      Katie- Yes! Thanks for all your support. The winner was Dawn Lundin. We announced it on Twitter and in our e-newsletter. And in case you missed it Steph ended up finishing second place at CIM in 2:32:27 (the 2nd-fastest marathon of her career)!! Make sure to sign up for our e-newsletter. It’s a great way to keep up-to-date on all things NAZ Elite-