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Nick and Rory host a weekly podcast where they talk all things running news and share good laughs and insight.

The movie podcast with a TV show name hosted by Scott Fauble and presented by the CITIUS MAG Podcast Network.


2 Black Runners: Kellyn Taylor and Steph Bruce | 2021 NYC Marathon Conversation
Joshua and Aaron Potts–hosts of the 2 Black Runners Podcast did their first ever LIVE podcast at the New York HOKA ONE ONE pop-up shop during 2021 NYC Marathon Weekend. They interviewed Kellyn and Steph two days before the marathon about their expectations, the importance of a support group, and finding a new love for running trough family.

I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein: Lauren Paquette
Lindsey and Lauren discuss taking a chance on yourself, Lauren’s life-changing move to Flagstaff and HOKA NAZ Elite, as well as goals for the Sound Running Track Meet and the Olympic Trials.

Road To The Trials: Ep 14 – Tyler Day
Tyler gives us an update on his comeback from insertional achilles tendonitis and his current training. “I’m getting my butt kicked at 7,000ft again.”

Ali on the Run: Just Missed with Kellyn Taylor
Ali talks to Kellyn as a part of a series about athletes who’ve suffered “near misses.” Kellyn, who has 4th, 6th, and 8th place finishes at the Olympic Trials knows all about these near misses. But she’s also had plenty of success! She and Ali talk about the highs and the lows in this episode.

Ali on the Run: Stephanie Bruce
Steph joins Ali for the third time to catch listeners up on her recovery from plantar fasciitis, her training for the 2021 Track and Field Trials, talks about being a role model in the sport, and about raising two young boys. Ali and Steph also talk about the A Time and a Place documentary.

Ali on the Run: Aliphine Tuliamuk
Catch up with Aliphine as she begins training for the 2021 Olympic Games! Aliphine waited eight weeks to run postpartum and has been very diligent about working with her pelvic floor specialist to ensure her body is healthy and ready for what’s to come.

Road to the Olympic Trials: Tyler Day (2)
Tyler joins Matt Chittim for his second episode in the Road to the Olympic Trials series to talk about his achilles, where he’s at with his rehab, and looking forward.

Endurance Minded: Sid Vaughn
Sid was recently hired as a coach for Thomas Endurance Coaching. Taylor Thomas, the company’s owner, had Sid on his podcast to talk about all sorts of things from getting over his Olympic Trials disappointment, to focusing on the small things, to not always trying to do more in training, and the role of coach’s in Sid’s career.

Gearing up for Grandma’s: Kellyn Taylor
Kellyn re-visits one of the best races of her career, the 2018 Grandma’s Marathon, and talks not only about that day but about all of the training and racing that led to it.

CTolleRun: Ben Bruce
Host Carrie Tollefson chats with Ben about his role at HOKA NAZ Elite, all of the hats he wears in life, the shoe debate, running 17 USATF National Championships in a row, and so much more!

The Morning Shakeout: Jenna Wrieden
Host Mario Fraioli talks to Jenna about everything from her college days running with Amy Cragg and Des Linden, to her collegiate coaching journey, and finally her transition to the professional level. A great listen!

Final Surge: Tyler Day
Tyler talks about his days as a high school runner in Gilbert, AZ to his stellar career at NAU, to turning pro, and more.

Peaked Too Early Podcast: Tyler Day
The hosts chat with Tyler about his time NAU and the dynasty he helped created, his transition to pro running, BigFoot and much more!

For the Long Run:  Lauren Paquette: A Very Fun Job
Lauren talks about how she got into running, battling injuries, moving to a new city, her experience with HOKA NAZ Elite, and the origins of her “HotPaquettes” social handles!

Athlinks:  Dani Shanahan of HOKA NAZ Elite on Falling Down, Getting Up, and running Olympic Standard
Dani takes you through her big breakthrough in December of 2020- running 31:22 for 10,000 meters.

Mission of Spe Podcast:  How a coach and athlete relationship evolved with Julia Kohnen and Jason Holroyd
Host Mark Spewak talks to Julia and her former coach Jason Holroyd about their journey together going from the local running scene in Saint Louis to 10th place at the Olympic Trials.

Citius Mag Podcast:  Ryan Hill
Ryan talks to host Chris Chavez about growing up in Hickory, NC, his career thus far including an inside look into his seven years with the Bowerman Track Club, switching groups, and more.

Beer Mile Podcast:  Ryan Hill on leaving Nike BTC for HOKA NAZ Elite
Ryan talks to the Beer Mile Podcast hosts about his big move from Portland to Flagstaff.

Off Track: Meeting of the Unknowing Minds:  Ben Rosario
Ben talks to host Matt Esche and a group of collegiate track and field coaches about his journey in the running world from athlete, to special events director, to running strore owner, to professional coach, and more.

Summer of Miles Podcast:  Ryan Hill
Get to know our newest team member- Ryan Hill. This episode dives into his move from the Bowerman Track Club to NAZ Elite, his goals for the future, and gives great insight into this consummate professional.

Running Things Considered:  Rory Linkletter
Rory joins the Running Things Considered crew after his PB 2:12:54 at The Marathon Project.

Running Things Considered:  Scott Fauble puts Trials disappointment behind him for redemption at The Marathon Project
Faubs joins host Chris Chavez ahead of The Marathon Project.

For the Long Run:  Julia Kohnen
Julia Kohnen talks to Jonathan Levitt about her unique path from college soccer player to Division II All American cross country and track athlete, to elite runner, and eventually to joining HOKA NAZ Elite.

Citius Mag:  Tyler Day
HOKA NAZ Elite’s newest team member, Tyler Day, talks with Chris Chavez about the decision to turn pro, his time at NAU, his American collegiate record at 5,000 meters, his future, and more.

Running with Dave: Ben Rosario
Coach Ben talks to former pro runner, David Jankowski about a variety of topics from the team’s new HOKA deal, to the job of an athlete as a brand ambassador, to the HOKA NAZ Elite assistant coaching search, and more.

The Run Down presented by the Runner WA: Nick Hauger
Nick Hauger joins The Run Down to talk about his professional career up to this point after breaking an American record on the track recently. Hauger graduated from Shadle Park High School and went onto become a WCC Champion and All-American runner at the University of Portland.

I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein: Ben Rosario
Lindsey and Coach Ben discuss the new HOKA NAZ Elite agreement that takes the group through 2024. They also talk about training and racing during the Pandemic and look toward the future.

Rogue Running: Frank Shorter and Ben Rosario
Host Chris McClung talks to Olympic Gold Medalist Frank Shorter and Coach Ben Rosario about training during COVID, Steve Prefontaine, the Last Dance documentary and much more.

Running For Real: Aliphine Tuliamuk
Host Tina Muir interviews Aliphine and they talk about more than just the Olympic Trials!

For The Long Run: Scott Fauble
Faubs talks to Jonathan Levitt about a variety of topics including training in 2020, virtual racing, a sense of community, defining failure and success, the importance of FUN, lessons from the Olympic Trials and they spend quite a bit of time on mental health as well.

Rogue Running: Steph Bruce, Kellyn Taylor, Aliphine Tuliamuk
In their first interview together since the Olympic Marathon Trials, Stephanie Bruce, Kellyn Taylor, and Aliphine Tuliamuk talk to the folks at Rogue Running. Loaded with inspiration, you’ll get to know them better, get a play-by-play on the Olympic Trials, and hear about how they are staying motivated during this challenging time.

Clean Sport Collective: Ben Rosario
Coach Ben talks to hosts Chris McClung and Kara Goucher about his background in coaching and running, the business of pro running, the HOKA NAZ Elite culture, performance enhancing drugs, shoe technology and more.

Rambling Runner Podcast: Stephanie Bruce
Steph takes a deep dive into producing content during the COVID-19 lockdown and how, long before that, she embraced her role as a brand ambassador, and an ambassador for the sport of running at all levels. She also touches on the different “voices” within the HOKA NAZ Elite team.

Mile High Endurance Podcast: Matt Fitzgerald
Author Matt Fitzgerald discusses his new book, Running The Dream, that chronicles the three months he spent with HOKA NAZ Elite in 2017 before the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

For the Long Run: Ben Bruce
Host Jonathan Levitt chats with Ben Bruce about career longevity, pacing duties at major marathons, transitioning into coaching, thoughts on children and running, and more.

Endurance Minded: Ben Rosario
Coach Ben and host, Taylor Thomas, re-visit the Olympic Marathon Trials and talk about training during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Keeping Track: Aliphine Tuliamuk
A trio of awesome hosts: Molly Huddle, Alysia Montaño and Róisín McGettigan talk to Aliphine about a lot things other than running including what it’s like to be a young woman in rural Kenya, making a true business out of her crocheting hobby and a whole lot more. We highly recommend!

Citius Mag: Aliphine Tuliamuk
Host Chris Chavez talks to Aliphine about the Trials and much more. Chris is a great host and he and AllieT have an awesome conversation in this one.

For the Long Run: Aliphine Tuliamuk
Host Jonathan Levitt talks to Aliphine about the Trials, growing up in Kenya, the team environment at HOKA NAZ Elite, crocheting, favorite spots in Flagstaff, gratitude, consistency and more.

Morning Shakeout: Aliphine Tuliamuk
Mario Fraioli chats with Aliphine about her Trials victory. You’ll learn a lot of little tidbits including how Kobe Bryant’s death impacted her mental focus on Trials training.

LetsRun: Aliphine Tuliamuk
The LetsRun crew didn’t give Aliphine much of a chance in their race previews but she proved them wrong! Post race she chatted with Jonathan Gault about her big victory, her post-race celebration, her teammates and much more.

I’ll Have Another: Aliphine Tuliamuk
Aliphine and Lindsey Hein discuss Aliphine’s Trials victory and a whole lot more in this more-than-just-a-post-race recap.

Clean Sport Collective: Aliphine Tuliamuk
Aliphine speaks with hosts Kara Goucher and Shanna Burnette about growing up in Kenya as one of 32 siblings, about what winning the Trials means to her, about giving back to the sport and about her disdain for doping.

Road to the Olympic Trials: Trials Recap with Kellyn Taylor
Matt Chittim recaps the Trials with Kellyn, after her eighth place finish. She shares her joy for Aliphine and gives listeners the inside scoop on an injury she had to deal with leading into the race and how it affected her in Atlanta.

I’ll Have Another: The HOKA NAZ Elite Men (Pre-Trials)
Lindsey Hein sits down with Scott, Scott and Sid to talk about training together for the U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon and what that experience was like.

I’ll Have Another: The HOKA NAZ Elite Women (Pre-Trials)
Lindsey Hein interviews Aliphine, Kellyn and Steph just two days before the U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon. They dig into much more than just the race.

Peaked Too Early: Scott Fauble
Faubs joins the Peaked Too Early Podcast to talk about his preparation for the Olympic Trials Marathon. The show also previews the Trials as a whole.

Road to the Olympic Trials: Kellyn Taylor
Host Matt Chittim talks to Kellyn about the entirety of her Olympic Trials build-up from training nuts and bolts, to fostering children, and more.

LetsRun: The Trials Crew
Scott, Scott, Sid, Kellyn, Aliphine and Steph talk about their Olympic Trials build-up with LetsRun.com. Lots of great insights in this one.

Clean Sport Collective: Kellyn Taylor
Kara Goucher and Shanna Burnette go super in-depth with Kellyn about way more than running. They talk about fostering children and the foster care system, firefighting, doping, shoe technology….and yes, they do chat about the upcoming Olympic Trials Marathon.

Clean Sport Collective: Stephanie Bruce
Steph shares her entire story from being a child of divorce, her dad’s death when she was just 18, financial struggles, health struggles, food allergies, children, and the incredible second half of her career.

Finding Strong: Sid Vaughn
Sid sits down with the Finding Strong Podcast to talk about his Olympic Trials build-up, his goals for the Trials, and beyond.

Clean Sport Collective: Scott Fauble
Hosts Chris McClung and Kara Goucher interview Scott Fauble about his progression, but also about many of the most controversial topics in the sport including Alberto Salazar, clean sport, shoe technology and more.

Ali on the Run: Steph and Ben Bruce
Steph and Ben join the Ali on the Run show to talk about how they met, how Ben proposed, what makes them a great team, marriage, kids and the Olympic Trials.

The Shakeout Podcast: The Rundown featuring guest host Rory Linkletter
Host (and world class runner) Kate Van Buskirk and Canadian Running staffer Maddy Kelly are joined by Rory Linkletter discussing his recent racing, his plans for 2020 and all three break down January running news.

Up and Running Podcast: Rory Linkletter after his 1:01:44 half marathon
Rory Linkletter talks to the hosts of the Up and Running Podcast about a host of topics including his recent team record half marathon, switching to a plant-based diet, his 2020 plans and more.

Peaked Too Early: Scott Smith on the Olympic Trials Marathon
Scott talks Marathon Trials, skateboarding, cross country and why you should root for him in Atlanta!

Rich Roll Podcast: Breaking Boston: Scott Fauble 
Scott joins famed podcast host, Rich Roll, to talk Boston, separating running from life, coach/athlete relationships, starting his pro career with no money, looking ahead to 2020 and much, much more. A must listen!

Road to the Olympic Trials Podcast: Kellyn Taylor: NYC Marathon Recap
Kellyn talks about her NYC Marathon, setting the bar high, being a foster parent, and gives some cool training insights.

For the Long Run Podcast: Kellyn Taylor: Chasing the Olympic Dream
Kellyn talks big goals, taking chances, long term focus, social media, non-running pursuits and more!

I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein: Stephanie Bruce after the Chicago Marathon 
Chicago Marathon, a food allergy deep dive, parenting, relationships and much, much more!

I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein: Roberta Groner, Sara Hall and Kellyn Taylor live from NYC
Roberta, Sara, and Kellyn talk about their preparations and game plan the day before the 2019 TCS NYC Marathon.

Citius Mag Podcast: Scott Fauble live at the 2019 NYC Marathon 
Scott talks 2018 NYC, rivalry with Jared Ward, shoe wars, his post Boston hangover and some early Olympic Trials talk.

I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein: Ben Bruce 
Ben talks all about the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and how pacing duties actually work.

I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein: Alice Wright
Alice talks about growing up in the UK, her first year as a pro, running for HOKA NAZ Elite, coming back from injury and more.

Endurance Minded: Ben Rosario
Ben talks to host Taylor Thomas about mistakes he made as an athlete and what he learned from them, maintaining perspective, optimistic reality, embracing pain, and more.

Final Surge: Matt Baxter
Matt talks about coming to Flagstaff from New Zealand, which NCAA title was his favorite, training under Coach Mike Smith, NAU training v NAZ Elite training, Rory Linkletter, Tyler Day and much more.

Road to the Olympic Trials: Kellyn Taylor
Matt Chittim talks to Kellyn about the USATF Outdoor Championships where she finished third in the 10,000 and 10th in the 5,000 as well as her decision to run the TCS New York City Marathon.

Road to the Olympic Trials: Ben Rosario, Mario Fraioli and Parker Stinson
Matt Chittim talks to Ben, Mario and Parker about the IAAF decision to grant the United States Olympic Trials “Gold Label” status, thus ensuring that the top three finishers at the Trials will be eligible to compete in the Olympic Games.

Road to the Olympic Trials: Kellyn Taylor
Matt Chittim talks to Kellyn about how she and her teammates train in a similar fashion, regardless of the distance, and how that has produced PRs for Kellyn from the mile to the marathon.

LetsRun.com: Ben Rosario
LetsRun’s Weldon Johnson talks to Coach Ben about the NAZ Elite culture, Kellyn, Steph and Aliphine’s chances at the Marathon Trials, the business side of the sport, and much, much more. (Ben’s interview begins 83:53 in)

CTolleRun: Stephanie Bruce
Steph talks to Carrie Tollefson about her 15:17 5k, what has led to her consistency, her plans for the fall, and which event she’ll focus on for the 2020 Olympic Trials. They also talk about Steph’s YouTube channel, pregnancy in women’s running, and the NYRR Mini 10k.

Hooray Run Podcast: Amanda Loudin
Freelance writer Amanda Loudin, talks to the Hooray Run Podcast about HOKA NAZ Elite, its culture and what has led to the group’s success.

Rambling Runner Podcast: Ben Rosario
Coach Ben talks to host Matt Chittim about being a late bloomer, identifying talent, nature v nurture and more.

Supergivers Podcast: Scott Fauble
Scott and Jesse Johnson dive into the existential layers of process over outcome, performance mindset in community, and the value of pro sports in today’s humanity.

The Morning Shakeout: Scott Fauble
Scott and host, Mario Fraioli, take a deep dive into the 2019 Boston Marathon and exactly what Scott was thinking about during the race. They also talk about how to recover from a marathon and what’s ahead for the rest of the year.

CTolleRun: Aliphine Tuliamuk – Maximize the Opportunity
Aliphine talks to Carrie Tollefson about her 2:26 at the Rotterdam Marathon, how she trained for it, what running means to her, and more.

LetsRun: Stephanie Bruce
Steph talks in-depth with Weldon Johnson about her dreaming and believing, the death or her father, battling celiac disease, getting better after the birth of her two sons, and how winning a race you likely never heard of may have been the key to her two national titles. (Steph’s section begins 72:14 in)

Citius Mag: Scott Fauble
Scott talks to Chris Chavez about his 2:09 at the Boston Marathon, what it meant to break 2:10 and what he was feeling during the race.

I’ll Have Another: Scott Fauble, Boston Marathon Special: 11th US All Time
Scott gives listeners a blow-by-blow of his 2:09 at the Boston Marathon and what he did to prepare for the course.

DOUG IT- The Podcast: Running in the Moment- Matt Baxter
Matt sits down with fellow Kiwi, Doug Moores, to discuss his NCAA career and what his professional career might entail.

RUN YOUR MOUTH: Scott Fauble and Ben Rosario
Scott and Ben talk with host David Melly about their book, Inside A Marathon, but they also discuss hanging out with Venus Williams, debate how attractive Ryan Gosling is, take a deep dive into the Breakfast Club and much more!

C TOLLE RUN: Scott Fauble
Carrie and Scott talk about his recent hot streak, his training for the Boston Marathon, his new book titled “Inside A Marathon,” and they take a deep dive into the coach/athlete relationship.

The Morning Shakeout: Stephanie Bruce
Steph and host, Mario Fraioli, talk about what has led to Steph’s success these last few years, whether or not the marathon is her best event, what it will take to make the 2020 Olympic Marathon team and how to keep it all in perspective.

I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein: Aliphine Tuliamuk
Aliphine talks coming to the U.S., cultural differences, and what life is like for her now.

Lets Get Running: Alice Wright
Alice talks about the 10,000, running in the NCAA and being ready for the big races.

I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein: Scott Fauble and Ben Rosario
Scott and Ben talk to Lindsey about the writing of their book, Inside A Marathon.

The Underground Running Project: Matt Baxter
Matt talks New Zealand running, the struggles of an international athlete in the NCAA, his legacy at NAU and much more.

Final Surge Podcast: Scott Fauble and Ben Rosario
Scott and Ben talk about their book, Inside A Marathon.

Book Club Track Club Podcast: Scott Fauble and Ben Rosario
Host Kyle Merber talks the mile v the marathon, the coach/athlete relationship, Scott and Ben’s favorite books and more.

I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein: Scott Fauble and Ben Rosario
Scott and Ben talk to Lindsey about the writing of their book, Inside A Marathon.

Citius Mag: Scott Fauble
Faubs reviews Inside A Marathon with Chris Chavez, talks NYC, Boston and the Olympic Trials as well.

Running for Real with Tina Muir: Stephanie Bruce
Steph talks about mom guilt, postpartum recovery, finding GRIT and much more.

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