Well…another marathon in the books. Racing this distance and training to race this distance is an emotional ride unlike any other event in my opinion. As you probably know if you are reading this Kellyn finished 13th in 2:28:51 this morning. It wasn’t what she was hoping for, nor was it what we had trained to do. However, it was very respectable and she now has two 2:28 marathons and a 6th place finish at the Trials to her name in a still very young marathoning career. I might write a nerdy coaches blog post later to dig into some of the things I think we could’ve done better but for now I’ll just share one last “London Postcard” with you guys:

We met Kellyn at the hotel at 6:40am for the trip onto the bus and over to the start area. The ride was about an hour and we arrived at Greenwich Park around 8:00am.

One you’re inside the elite athlete tent at any race things always get a little more intense. In this pic super agent Josh Cox is pinning Kellyn’s number to her jacket. We later found out he had pinned it all the way through to the shirt below which made for an interesting couple of minutes when she got back from her jog.

Here’s a screen shot of Kellyn and her pacers from I think somewhere around halfway. She hit the exact 13.1 mark in 1:12:57 (which was good) but she had done it sort of the wrong way with each 5k getting slower. Seeing those splits come through I was definitely worried that it was going to be a tough second half.

The half smile says it all. It was an okay day but not a great day. Don’t worry though–she’ll be back!

How cool is this? The pros get to take a boat ride back to the host hotel post-race. Thought I’d catch Kellyn in a rare “Aww” moment with her hubby Kyle.

Kellyn and I after a nice celebratory glass of wine with her family and Josh.

Goodnight from London everyone. Til next time….

– Coach Ben

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