Hey all,

Since Kellyn is running the Virgin Money London Marathon on Sunday and since London is such a freaking cool city I figured I’d send you guys a little digital postcard each day to keep you posted on what’s doing over here across the pond.

Day One

Kellyn has been in London since last Monday (13 days before the race) to get used to the time change before the big day. I, however, was not so fortunate. I left Flagstaff at 8:00am Wednesday morning and drove to Phoenix. Had great company/conversation on the way down with fellow coach Max Paquette, the one and only Joan Rothstein (Steph Bruce’s mom) and of course my wonderful wife Jen. From Phoenix I flew to Atlanta. I left Atlanta around 9:30pm EST and landed in London at 11am in the U.K. Didn’t sleep for more than about 10 minutes but did watch some killer movies. Started with Fences which, save for some over-the-top Denzel monologues, I thought was definitely a good flick. Then I moved on to Hacksaw Ridge. Geez…this one was good. I’m kind of surprised it didn’t get more love as a real contender for the Best Picture Oscar. Best war movie since Saving Private Ryan for my money. After four emotionally draining hours it was time to dial it down a notch so I finished it off with not one but two Zach Galifianakis features–Masterminds and Keeping up with the Joneses. Let’s not mince words, these are not good movies. However, they both have plenty of classic Galifianakas humor so they did the trick.

After I got off the plane in London I took “The Underground” (aka “The Tube”) to the Tower Hill Station and the first sign I saw was the 23-mile mark for the Marathon…already up the Thursday before the race which I found to be awesome.

When I got to the hotel I went upstairs to get my credential only to find that my good friend Josh Cox thought it would be funny to use the above 2001 Truman St. cross country bio pic as my head shot. I posted it on Twitter and apparently people found it to be very humorous. I don’t know why.

Took a little walk around London to get a feel for the city. Got the shot above of a neighborhood Pub that dates back to 1761. I could see myself popping in there before week’s end. Also noticed a betting parlor about 2 minutes from where I’m staying. “Odds are” I’ll pop in there as well (you see what I did there?).

Then we watched Kellyn and fellow 2:28 American marathoner Laura Thweatt do some photos and interviews with the great David Monti.

Ended the night with an awesome dinner courtesy of the good folks at the New York Road Runners. Thanks to Peter Ciaccia, David Monti, Jane Monti and the entire NYRR family for their hospitality. It’s amazing how many great people we have in our sport.

Now it’s off to bed for my first real sleep in a day-and-a-half. I’ll hit you guys up with another postcard tomorrow.